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We need excellent science journalism. The Prix Média supports media professionals with research contributions and prize money for exciting stories and innovative formats.


The application deadline for the Prix Média, the Prix Média Newcomer and the Research sponsorship 35+ was 15 May 2023. The jury reviewed all the entries, drew up a shortlist and selected the winning entry. All applicants will be contacted directly, and the winners will be announced publicly at the award ceremony. This will take place on 3 November 2023 as part of Science'Comm at the Progr in Bern and will be accompanied by a podium.

Prix Média
The Prix Média is endowed with CHF 10,000 and stands for excellence in science journalism. It recognizes the important role of journalists at the interface between science and...
Prix Média Newcomer

The Prix Média Newcomer awards three projects in science journalism with 3,000 CHF and a winning prize of 4,000 CHF.

Research sponsorship 35+
Each year, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences generally sponsor three excellent projects by journalists who are over 35 years old. With a project outline for a research...
Von Menschen und Tieren — Prix Média und Prix Média Newcomer 2022

Den Prix Média gewinnen die Reportage «One Health» und der Podcast «Skalpell und Wahn». Den Prix Média Newcomer gewinnt Lucas Vimpere für seinen seinem Dokumentarfilm.

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