The a+ Prix Média awards for journalistic excellence

After 20 years, it was time to reconsider the Prix Média award. Out of this process came several important realisations. Because media has undergone a profound transformation over the past years, there is now more than ever an acute need for particularly high-quality, independent science journalism. The award process will now include all media channels, in a reflection of today’s science newsroom. Supporting talented young journalists in this digital age is also a high priority – the a+ Prix Média Newcomer award does just that.

With these awards, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences recognise the vital role journalists play in this age of digitalisation with its algorithms, fake news, and robot journalists. Those working in media have the responsibility to analyse complex topics, make sense of a sea of facts, challenge ideas, and present their findings to a diverse audience.

The a+ Prix Média awards will be presented this year at the science communication conference ScienceComm’19.